Could you lean forward a bit?

Are you suggesting that Theodore can't do the job by himself?

You don't need to tell me what to do.

My mole is getting bigger every day.

I heard from him.

That's it.


After I said such a thing to my boss, I am certain to lose my job.


I want to see the pictures from Christmas.

Sue and George reached for the doorknob at the same time.

You don't entirely trust us, do you?


It snowed a lot.

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I'm afraid I have a crack in my right arm.

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They aren't coming today.

I lost count.

You're going to get yourself shot.

I told you Clayton wouldn't understand.

Will you help me?

I expect you to be there on time.

I took my little sister by the hand when we crossed the street.

Danielle may not agree with us.

She never managed to pay the bill on time.

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I don't know, nor do I care.

Tears welled up in the girl's eyes.

Milo wants to bring mammoths back to life.

Does everybody love music?

Diane didn't like not having enough money.


I know nothing about the occasion.

If you lose your way, ask a policeman.

He waited for her at the airport.

It never occurred to me that he loved me.

That man is completely drunk.


Damone probably thought I was at school.

May I have a moment with my client, your honor?

The two sisters are so alike.

She said she'll let her hair grow long.

Perhaps you would be happier in another job.


I haven't unpacked my clothes yet.

As I sat and played the dutar, I thought of you.

The room has a seating capacity of 200.

I don't want you seeing Mat anymore.

Marla had difficulty learning French.

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We wanted to go back to Boston.

Gale shot down the enemy aircraft.

He found it very difficult to adjust himself to life in the new school.

This is an apple tree.

They wanted no further spread of slavery.

This could have far-reaching consequences.

I can't confirm this.

Why is Herbert staying with you?

You know this song, don't you?

Who makes breakfast for him?

I'm proud of you all.

I already feel different.

It is a worthy ambition to do well whatever one does.

There is a community of thought between them.

You're living in a fantasy land.

This phrase is grammatically and syntactically correct, but it doesn't sound very English.

Jose will probably know what needs to be done.

I don't want to be a burden on you.

The maid didn't see anything.

The watch on the compact disk is mine.

I'm jealous that you have a good boss.

He is lying on the baby.

No, that's not true.

That student is so poor that he doesn't have enough money to buy his books.

What would we do without you?

See you in hell!

"Mom, do you know where the thermometer is?" "It's not in the usual place?" "Yeah, I checked."

Ladies and gentlemen, now we start the movie.

Am I right?

Anton's building something behind his house.

We need to remember to send Indra a birthday card.


He smells the soup.

Whenever I travel, I prefer to fly.

I'm just trying to find Luis.

He got out a book and read.

No one lives here.

Claudia seems temperamental.

Adlai is wearing new shoes.

First the immigrants, next you. Our solidarity - the answer to social cannibalism.

I find you quite attractive.

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I was very glad to see them.

You can't be in two places at once.

The doctor says I need to quit worrying so much.

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Come into my room.

Here's my card.

The button is attached to the dress.

The deadline is Monday.

The floorboards in the hall creaked.

Tobias quickly opened the door.

Terry survived the accident.

Can you tell me what the temperature is down there at the moment?

I pinched myself to make sure that I wasn't dreaming.

Blayne opened the drawer again and took out a notepad.

It's beyond me why he continues to be so upset.

They want Donald to stay overnight.

Do you want to meet them?

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I just want you to be OK.

Honzo walked over to the door and opened it.

She is like a beautiful dream.


She is not only beautiful but also intelligent.

Cheer me up!

She jogs every morning before breakfast.

Joanne is richer than Dale.

Dalton is in stable condition.

Norman asked Bud what kind of music she liked to listen to.

We are in a pretty scrape!

Everything was being burnt to ashes.

Cut the potatoes.

Some students devote themselves to sports and neglect their studies.

Beer sales are up.

The exercises did her good.

Paul knows a lot about baseball.

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She was eager to feed the birds.

He's a professor of biology at Harvard.

Soohong is being fired.

Josip slammed the office door closed.

See you next time!

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Siegurd's a fantastic leader.

Where can one make a phone call?

Why did you let this happen?

Men talk about women all the time.

Mitzi thought that Bruno loved her, but actually he just wanted to have sex with her.

He is getting on very well with his English.

When I told her I'd never seen such a homely girl, she accused me of sexual harassment.

Bobby should be back by now.

I have to catch a plane in three hours.


Have you spoken with Duane?

He fell into the water and drowned.

I don't want to go to church today.

I'm sorry, but it's time.

Why don't you answer my note?

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This wine's very intoxicating.

Maybe Ritalynne knows what I did wrong.

I was wondering when you were going to tell me about it.

He is the last man that I want to talk with.

Rand is good at this kind of thing.

That will please my father.

How could I help you?

I'll find someone.

She fell in love with her teacher.

December is the last month of the year.

I go to bed early at night.

They made many charges.

Change is in the air. And when people demand change, it is the job of politicians to respond.

Ruth kept good notes.

What were they saying?

You're dishonest.

We must think over the issues carefully.

Spy was interrupted by a knock at the door.

My purse was stolen on the bus.

He is awesome.

This video is the shit.


I knew I could win today.


This is extremely hard for him.

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That happens to all of us.


The resemblance is uncanny.

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At Christmas she went out of her way to buy me a really nice model plane.

Corn is the most highly subsidized crop in the United States.

Jared asked Robin to do him a favor.


Suwandi tried to speak, but no words came out.

Why would you want to help him?

That we will win the game is certain.

She got sick this weekend.

When did you begin learning French?

Thank you for joining us.

His success is the result of many years of perseverance.

It was a relief to hear the news.

I think Lord lied to us.

He is not down yet.

I think I like someone.

There is nothing more exciting than scuba diving.

You were lucky to survive the attack.

The other team took us lightly.

She said that her mother was a drug addict.