He cannot speak English, much less German.

My tailor is rich.

Anton waved the flag.

The gave me a dozen cookies in a plastic bag.

Are those your kids?

Tracy, I just felt like hearing the sound of your voice.

I'd like to go to France sometime.


Tell me where you're going.


I can come back another time.

I still have to run errands.

That is an epic novel.

We talked about Moses and Sandip's relationship.

Can you believe this is actually happening?

I refuse to accept that.

America likes to claim that it is a "classless" society.

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Anyway, I am grateful that we're still together.

Just leave me alone, OK?

Don't make light of his advice.

I wish I could've done the same thing.

His speech went on for such a long time that some people began to fall asleep.

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My skin is peeling.

Miniskirts have been out of date for some time.

A modern factory is totally automated.


Everyone here likes us.


I'll make him do it.

Kieran doesn't have much of a chance.

What kind of vapid comments will I get on this sentence?

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The class were noisy today.


The hens ran away, dumbasses had left the door open to them.

I think I'd be a good teacher.

Andrea will share.


A smile played on her lips.

I heard that Sassan is going to Boston.

Ah! What nice weather!

We hate parties.

He anticipates that he will be in trouble.

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Brenda believes she has special powers.


Melinda was attacked by a swarm of bees.

You will always be in my heart.

When did he say he would come?


His smile was one of those rare smiles that you may come across four or five times in life.

Judy is a World War II veteran.

In America, we believe that a lifetime of hard work and responsibility should be rewarded with a shot at a secure, dignified retirement.

There is a shared language.

You can bank on that.


Daniel got a good job.

Cloning people raises serious ethical problems.

I don't need a wheelchair.

Darin hesitated.

Amir handed Angela his key.

Gregge is going bird watching next weekend.

Fruit was a lot less expensive before the country's entry into the EU.


When was the book delivered to you?

I am a nobody.

I support him.

My suit is grey.

Ofer is a team player, isn't he?

Just give it to him.

Brett bent down to tie his shoe.


He is no kind of musician.

There was more than one.

Bucky said he would never come back here again.


Sorry, I can't, I have yoga practice.

I bought a ticket.

I don't have anything to complain about.

"Oh, if I were only as great a tree as the others!" sighed the little Fir.

I won't be able to promote her.

He's not backwards about coming forward.

Competent people need not apply.

Vijay is coming.

Please tell me when to go.

He is about to die.

The bill was approved by an overwhelming majority.

I am eating a cucumber.

I wish he would write more often.

It was a huge explosion.

I can be there in 30 minutes.

Hirofumi looked down at the plate of food in front of him.

I thought I was doing the right thing.

The world's largest telescope is in the Canary Islands.

Marty didn't come back until after 2:30.

Don't shoot. I'm one of the good guys.

Polly must find work.

It was a shock, to be sure.

Could you do me a favor?


We can't add days to our life, but we can add life to our days.


She decided to marry him.


Timo is a really bad singer.

I was embarrassed.

My TV has quit working.


Red wine goes well with meat.

Nobita is someone who can bestow happiness upon others and shoulder their misfortunes. That is, for a human, an extremely valuable trait. He'll probably make you happy, too.

Natraj had his hands in his back pockets.


Did you go in costume this year?

Rudy is captain of the football team and is on the baseball team as well.

Celeste acts like nothing else matters.

Brandi did everything he could for Klaudia.

I am working full-time at a bookshop until the end of September.

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I wanted to go.

You didn't answer me.

What time's your class?


I'll stay in Moscow for six days.


I can offer you something to drink.

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Nici sat up in bed.


A hive of bees can pollinate up to three million flowers in a single day.

New York is sometimes referred to as the melting pot of races.

This essay is my own.

John's phone was disconnected last week.

Diane asked me not to help him.

She wakes him up every day at 6:30.

I know who the thief is.


You might have heard of me.

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Have you ever seen Jem and Judge dancing together?

How are you doing? It's been a long time since we last met, hasn't it?

How many are you? We are three.


Can you tell me about your project?

We saw a strange object in the sky.

Generally, the men are taller than the women.

Finish this.

We long for peace.

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I heard that Gregge wanted to go to Boston with us.

It is beyond the boundaries of human intellect.

She set him to chopping wood.


Lorien may say something.

Life is the grave in which I'm turning.

Do you want to see something amazing?


This is not very stylish.

He looked as if he had been ill.

Arlene said he wouldn't do it.

Brenda went to school with my son.

From the age of 14 one is obliged to carry ID in Holland.

The day turned fine after all.

He earns twice my salary.

Peggy has no choice but to go.

Vincenzo and I used to be close friends.


Brandi asked us to wait so we waited.

I know you're trying to help.

It happened near the house.


To deny sustenance to the Army of Northern Virginia, Sheridan determined to take the entire harvest of the Shenandoah Valley.

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What's Pedro's middle name?

Eliminated by desire of the author.

Neither of them like me.

I hear the competition is pretty stiff.

He forgave you.

You're a dream come true.

We need more sugar.

I can do it faster on my own.

You'd better stop Marnix.


It is feared that radiation will spread across every region of Japan, starting with Tokyo.

I followed Svante home.

You just had to do it, didn't you?

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The journey greatly added to his store of knowledge.

The newspaper should be delivered by 7 o'clock in the morning.

Tetanus continues to kill!


There was a welcome mat in front of the door.


That's very funny.

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Try not to worry about them.


Life lies a slow suicide.