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Freedom is useless unless you use it.


He grew up in the movie industry.

Get off your ass and go for it!

I don't think Terri will want to go with us.


And actually, this project needs everyone.

What kind of women's attire does Stagger like?

Sally was absent from school for two weeks, so she has to work hard to catch up with her class.

That's very big of you.

Jarl was completely puzzled.

Some people quarrel for no reason at all.

George is wearing a white cotton T-shirt.

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I know what Socorrito knows.


It was great at first.

I had a bad cold and was in bed for a week.

Devon looked at me triumphantly and said, "Checkmate."


Do you think we'll make the train?

I'm as fit as I've ever been.

I'm eating a yogurt for children.


I don't feel like smiling.

Do I need to transfer?

Heidi often lets me use his car.

I was baking a cake.

She's a bigot.


You know times have changed when rivals like Hitachi and NEC get together.

I live in Indonesia.

You can't ask us to believe this.


This book is sold here.

An eyelid opens wide.

He has a good memory.


Nothing is more boring than traveling long distances by car.


Don't try to pull a fast one on me!

I owe you 3,000 yen.

You can use my car if you drive carefully.

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You're no longer children.

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This is the perfect place for an ambush.

I haven't heard from him these several months.

I'll warn him.

I go to bed at ten every day.

I just want to make it up to you.


I hope that's the truth.


Where does that leave her?

She put fresh soil in the flowerpot.

An autumn breeze begins to blow.


If I had money enough, I could pay you.

If something is given to you then take it. If you are beaten, then run away.

A man of weak will is the target of criticism; even his friends would badger him into correcting his defects.


Jurevis prefers to dye her hair blonde.

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Isn't winning great?

Give me a chance to talk to Magnus.

I want to come back next year.


I've already considered that possibility.

Tell me about your ship.

Please show me the way to the business section.


That's the meat of a hen.

Nancy has a hold on her husband.

What're the odds?


You take him to the hospital.

Let us hope that this is the last postponement.

Donald Trump has been elected president of the United States.

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What can make you to change your mind?


You can't park on this street.

Are you just going to stand there all day?

He idles away the time.


I don't know if I'll have the time to do that.


The heavy rain was accompanied with thunder.

Pia and Piercarlo are both busy right now.

We're not in Boston.

Take it out!

The policemen are driving the demonstrators away.

I have fought.

Everybody wants to have one.

Everyone ate the same thing.

A group of children were playing in the park.

I need hand lotion.

Amarth has his reasons for not doing that.

Novo likes Mexican food.

I feel honored.

He's bent on having a doctor's degree before he's thirty.

Spring has come early this year.


She's not as beautiful as her sister.

He went to the store at the last minute, just before it closed.

Casper wished he hadn't promised Carter he'd help.

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I wanted to stop him.

He won't beat me.

I'd say we are definitely in for a bad time.

Neal never did know when to quit.

Extremely loud music interrupted their conversation.


How could Emil do this to Kay?

The movie is a stereotyped sob story.

That's not your fault.

That's not how the world works.

It's fairly unique.

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Mr Johnson suddenly changed his mind and signed the contract.

I always have to give in to him.

Live and learn.

I haven't seen you in here before.

I wish you'd tell me a story. That'd be some fun at least.

The benefit of being intelligent is that you can pretend to be a fool, but the reverse is not possible.

All these are ways of exceeding the bounds imposed on us by human nature.

We've got a game tomorrow.

Hazel seems to be unhappy.


Do you know who killed Molly?

Which country is slightly larger than the Philippines in terms of land area?

Anatoly paid for everything in cash.

There is a shared knowledge.

I was on close terms with him.


How often do you study English at school?

She sounded desperate.

At last, she gave in to him and told him the secret.


She wants somebody to accompany her there.

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Can I buy you another drink?


The purpose of the meeting was to encourage employees to share any potentially innovating ideas.

Sekar doesn't believe what Kikki says.

He reached his goal.

They did what they promised to do for me.

That's not your problem anymore.

It's possible that Amir will get into Harvard.

Please wait in the hall.

The number of bars quickly burgeoned as men and money started to flow into the town.

Cats show emotional habits parallel to those of their owners.

I'm the youngest one at my job.

I have to leave immediately.

What has she done?

Darin went down to the basement.


Do you feel like dancing?


This could cost her her job.

Among the Uighurs, a "Naming Celebration" is held after a child is given a name.

There is no sense in my living without you.

Nancy took his family to the zoo.

Huh? Oh, I'm sorry.

I thought it had started to rain.

Pieter has no hat on.

We'll take care of reconfirmation of your reservation.

I managed to acquire the book after a long search.

This is his maternal grandfather.

Do you know where the police station is?

He was too old to swim.

It's not possible to study with so much noise!

You should tell her what to do.

It'll be spring soon.

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Vadim put on his suit coat.

You should always keep your word.

You should write a novel.


In places such as Glacier National Park, the glaciers are melting and disappearing. The air is getting warmer, and less snow is falling during winter to renew the melted parts of the glaciers.


Many restaurants and pubs are on Itsutsugi Street.

Panacea has developed his own method for rapid learning of a foreign language. He reads books, focusing on understanding the meaning and not paying attention to the sentences' grammatical structure.

Emma unlocked his suitcase.

"If a photograph of the smiling face of your loved one stands on the altar at the funeral or on the family altar, when you put your hands together to pray, you can hear their voice, I think," he says.

What's your status?


Even though she grew up in Japan, she speaks fluent English.

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I think we did very well.

That is your major problem.

I cannot put up with his idleness any longer.


Cellphones do not work in the air-raid shelter.

Even though he's wealthy, he's not happy.

That morning Ning went round the whole village.


She is good with kids.