Tell her that everyone is here.


Which food do you think tastes best?

I'll try to keep this brief.

I have to fix my leaky ceiling.


Don't mince words. Tell me what you really think.

Sonny's dream is to travel around the world with Matthias.

How do I get to Grafton Street from here? Is it far?

What were the circumstances?

They cried when they heard the news.

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I think I'll go back to sleep.

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Kriton finally came home.

You should pay your rent in advance.

I've spoken in support of this before.


Are you saying that you don't have enough money?

Look at that high mountain.

I don't want Agatha at our wedding.

Don't look back. You are never completely alone.

In the 1950s, Canadian mothers, who scolded their children, called them by their full names.

On the language website, he could not find the selection for Lingua Franca Nova.

We sometimes disparagingly call noise, music that's insignificant and devoid of any charm.

No one knows what's right.

Raj might have missed the train. He hasn't arrived yet.

This is an operator.

Comets are made from ice and rock.

We, as a society, have many problems. This is without a doubt not one of them.

I don't really get the point.

Tanaka has never had a heart attack.

You have the advantage of me.


Do you like opera?

We need to find out what it is.

Sanche looked at the half-open door and wondered what was on the other side.

What is Devon reading?

The serpent tempted Eve.

But I care less than naught for Zeus.

Scientists haven't found a cure for cancer yet.

That's just sad.

If you aren't there by 10:00, we'll leave without you.

You're not here.

Carsten goes jogging every morning, rain or shine.


This room is very hot.

We tried to make the best of it.

A republic is a nation whose head is not a king or queen, but a president.


I'll make you breakfast.

I'm never free on Mondays.

Charley is writing a letter now.

If you don't believe me, go and see for yourself.

Dan only talked briefly to Linda.

I had a chance to see him.

Nobody wanted to know my country.


The apple is not quite ripe yet.

Sidney asked me all sorts of questions.

What makes you think I was going to see Roxie?

Do they always keep the dog tied to the gate?

He locked himself in the bathroom.

My grandma and my mom used to say this all the time.

Humor them.


No matter what happens.

I don't think we were spotted.

She related the result to her carelessness.

Julie advised Mickey to buy that car.

It smells weird, doesn't it?

I've got a big problem.

Henry is an honest person.

I stayed in Japan only a few months, during which time I went through a series of hardships.

Behind our house there are three beautiful apple trees with little red apples.

Ah! I forgot again! I was supposed to go to the library to return a book today!

What was his answer?


The pyramids were built in ancient times.

Why did they fire her?

A strong wind began to blow.

Winter does not look real without snow.

It's best to practice writing Kanji as much as possible!

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Here is the map.

Ravi drives a Datsun.

They are required to wear a suit and tie to work.

I do not think so.

Don't yell at her.


It's a legitimate worry.

Bill was sent to live with his grandparents while his mother studied to become a nurse.

Why don't I just go ask them?


Jun will have to leave.

Why do you want Kyle to have it?

She uses her looks.

We heard coughing.

The stout man leaped over the shallow ditch and stumbled.

Anyone can do it.

Vick should be able to help Masanobu tomorrow morning.

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This is the same pen that I lost yesterday.

I was working when it happened.

It cost me 5,000 yen to repair my bicycle.

This makes me mad.

I'm looking forward to visiting your country this winter.

This isn't my umbrella; it's somebody else's.

I'll be taking Sundaresan's place.

Her hair came out from under her hat.

Beware of pickpockets.


This can't be a real diamond.

How could you resist Griff?

How did it go?

That's a matter of opinion.

You were speeding.


The book is on the table, and the pencil is lying on the windowsill.

Arnold sometimes says things he doesn't really believe.

The first good rain storm will wash it away.


It's a piece of history!

There are about twenty of them.

Spass is just trying to be helpful.

Do you believe in angels?

Where is the girl studying?

I hope she is okay.

It was shorter than he expected.


Stephen doesn't like multiple choice exams.


That sounds fascinating.


That's one of the most common complaints we hear.


They planted apple trees.

Conrad was boring.

I don't know about you, but I'm starved.


The article was an invitation for public protest against the newspaper.

Sugih is a friend from school.

The trouble lies in the engine.


Everybody in the picture is smiling.

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Special forces and marriage don't go together.

Those two experiments yielded similar results.

The doctor did what he was supposed to, and the little princess was very quiet.


I don't have anything to say on that subject.


My children like licorice sticks.

He is telling a lie.

You're free to leave.

The teacup fell down and shattered.

Clare was in a fight.

When does your passport expire?

One of us should talk to Beckie.

Brought up by a weak mother, she is partial to sweets.

What do you think you need?


I am very happy, because I am currently learning a little bit of Dutch.

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Never again.

What's it like in Boston?

Colin is too busy to come.

I came here to talk to her.

You aren't Canadian.

He pulled strongly, but the old rock did not budge in the slightest.

Ted is no leader.


Ken was at a loss what to say next.


Away went the car at full speed.

Thomas was leaning on the railing of the ship.

What do I get in return?

I still have your key.

Let him decide.

I said I'd have to think about that.

You ruined my life!

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I was too fast.

Do you find it easy to deal with the people you meet in the course of your work?

I'm not panicking.

Your wife isn't crazy.

Hugh came out ahead.

I wish I'd been born Canadian.

Maruyama Park is a place where a lot of people gather.


I have no sense of direction so I always travel with a compass.


I like to speak Welsh.

It's as easy as pie.

The words 'small' and 'little' are synonyms.

No one knew who did it.

I am subject to his authority.

I've heard a lot about you.

List talked to Pratt late into the night.