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Never compare your wife to another woman.


Hurf feels he offended Deborah, and that's why she's not here.


I want you to get off my back.

I'm the humblest person on this planet.

Why aren't you at your office?

Hon was unimpressed.

I went twice.

An interesting question remained unanswered.

What's wrong, honey?

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Will you type this paper for me?

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Silk is very precious.


They chopped some onions.

What have you been doing for the last three hours?

She isn't new.


Tell him that I'm sorry.

I believe that's it.

Stop harassing me!

That's just not right.

I like to add basil to season my spaghetti sauce.

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He said he could do it.

The crisis led to the 1968 Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.

There are probably chickens around.

I'll do it myself.

How many staff members filed to change departments?

Jin likes adventure.

We have to call them.


Takayuki seems very nice.

I can walk at least two miles.

Though he is over eighty, he is still healthy.

Daren knows almost nothing about Barbra.

He is superior to me in many respects.

I found what I was looking for in the drawers.

How many hospitals are there in Boston?


Reinhard, you've disappointed me.

Finding a decent man is more difficult than winning a lottery.

What a home! The place looked like some disused rag-store. The large unglazed window was closed up by a dilapidated shutter.


Marsha could be with his friends, but I don't think he is.

His lecture was very instructive as usual.

I hope I never have to go back to Boston.

Murph knew that that was a bad idea.

I never watch this scenery without thinking of my grand-father.

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I am for your opinion.

It is rumoured there are treasures hidden there.

The only metal that a metal detector can detect is the metal in another metal detector. That fact was instrumental in my parents' meeting.

Radiation levels are within acceptable limits.

All three of my brothers are now somewhere in Boston.

I've been flying commercial jets for 13 years.

Moore is looking for a bigger house to live in.

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The teacher was speaking about the virtue of the Romans.

I was just about to go to bed.

Why did you keep it a secret?

I wish they had spelled my name correctly.

You like your job, don't you?


I've got accustomed to speaking in public.

They probably don't know.

In this field you dig a hole and in the hole you bury a gold piece. After covering up the hole with earth you water it well, sprinkle a bit of salt on it, and go to bed. During the night, the gold piece sprouts, grows, blossoms, and next morning you find a beautiful tree, that is loaded with gold pieces.


I forgot to tell Root about Diane.

Stand up and take a bow.

Where does Alberto stay?

Her voice echoed in the hallway.

Isabelle and I had a great time.

I am a teacher, not a student.

Effective communication and mutual respect are essential elements of successful teamwork.

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The house where my father was born is just around the corner.


Cathryn found it pretty enjoyable just to sit in the sun and listen to music.

We borrowed money at high interest.

The tree's roots extend deep into the earth.

No one's been here in a while.

He suffers from rickets.

Would you mind if I wait here?

That's pure genius.

The management regrets any inconvenience to customers caused by the building work.

Ritchey is the only boy who doesn't like football.


This is the same thing.


I left my wife.

This city has many historical buildings.

We don't know anything for sure yet.


A lot can happen in a year.

We don't need to go any further.

Do you have any idea how many eggs are consumed per year?

Do you have any further questions to ask?

My wedding has to be perfect.

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This is the first time I've ever told Taninna "I love you."

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You'd better get started.

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You making me sick now.


I can't insert the letter "K" in my keyboard.


Apparently, nothing bad happened.

I'll surprise you.

Don't be a slave to money.

Amedeo is in his room, packing a suitcase.

She had long been learning to play the piano.

You mentioned something about my mother.

My house is near the school.

They were troubled deeply by the changes they saw.

Ernest was given a medal.

Do you think Carisa talked to Vicki?

If he had carried the map with him, he wouldn't have got lost.


I found the key I had been looking for.

Rudy is a giver.

Because of the fog, the airplane has been rerouted to Munich.

I wish I could stay here with you today.

From next week onwards Jane will take responsibility for our students.

Could you please confirm the price for this?

If it rains tomorrow, I won't go.


Clem didn't answer his phone.

We have English third period.

What prevented you from coming earlier?

I have been busy so far.

I shouldn't have lied.

As soon as he entered the classroom, our teacher burst into angry speech.

My thoughts are stuck in the web of Lviv's streets.

I can't let them catch me.

The woman has a fever.

Rhonda died half a year later.

I covered her with kisses and tears.

We are anxious for news of your safe arrival.

I'll let you study.


Barbra will forgive us.


Andre doesn't seem to like me.


Don't forget to call me up tomorrow.

Do you like trips?

Now I remember!


It looks like I lack the capacity for loving two at the same time.

My sister and I go to the movies from time to time.

It was nothing but a joke.

The monk is praying.

Cole spends about an hour a day studying French.

I ordered two hamburgers.

A careless person is apt to make mistakes.

Shall we dance a bit?

Are you crazy?


Shadow is probably at home.


I want a better look at this document.

What are you good at?

What's your opinion of Japanese food?

Tell her that I am cooking dinner.

I've kept a blog before. I didn't really have a set theme; I just blogged about whatever happened that day.

I'll keep in contact.

Nate lost count.

It was in the basement.

The book is now available.

Let's cut him some slack.

I've never felt so good in my life.


She came in quietly so as not to wake the baby.

Well, I bake bread, listen to music, or read comic books.

It would be best if you stopped smoking.

Is Nguyen really a student here?

Ronni and Hotta were walking at a brisk pace.


Someone who is carefree easily changes their tune.

You're needed here immediately.

Her reputation was hurt a lot by this.

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I began to sing when I was a youngster.

What a great party!

Martha started it.


It is the national week of the book.

Hector is buying some flowers for Deb.

In the future, you have to get here on time.

Don't be late for school so often.

There's no student discount.


Your chances of dying while filling out your lottery tickets is greater than your chances of winning.

They'll get married sooner or later, I think.

We need to ask you a few questions, June.