The dancer dances a dance.

Please sit down for a moment.

I've got a lot on my mind.

Shari knows how old Kenton is.

Have you been crying?

It smells like Lowell is wearing the same perfume that Lukas is.

You're a lot like her.

Close the hatch.

Naim clenched the wheel.

The wind has dropped.


I do not think there will be rain tomorrow.


A glass of water will make you feel better.

Why should I help Sundar?

Can I borrow one for about two weeks?

She ended things between us.

I can tell it's him by the way he speaks.


Both quantity and quality are important in most cases.

Look, I know what I saw.

I have an important business to attend to in my office.

I don't know how to spell that word.

He took this photo.

Have you figured out what started the fire?

Everybody rushed towards me.

Those are my legs!

Your sister is the most diligent of all my friends.

Mikey has everything under control.

Have you told King already?

I like potato salad.

They're too big.

He holds stocks in this company.

The commanding officer marched, with soldiers following behind.


I'm not leaving with him.


He gave me tea without sugar.

Shai grabbed his jacket and headed for the door.

A DNA test proved he was innocent.

Sherri's French was surprisingly good.

Renu's name is first on the list.


Hands reveal our inward emotions.

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We tried to stop Sandip from doing that.

You can build a camera obscura with a shoe box.

Let the moving finger stop on - someone who understands Japanese.

The situation is very complicated.

I get chapped lips every winter.

I want to start making plans.

After all, the play wasn't so bad.


Kriton put his arms around me.

It's going to get steadily hotter from now.

I wish to remain here.

I convinced Nick to give a speech.

We can be busy with so many things, that we lose our focus.

Let it all out.

His paper is better than mine.

Please tell me.

This apple is very red.

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My data-burning software is showing an error message.

Prove you're brave.

I have lost both principal and interest.

Things quickly got serious between us.

Honestly, what time do you plan to sleep until? It's already noon!

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I thought that would work.


Leif said he won three hundred dollars.

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We've met several times.

You can't view Flash content on an iPad. However, you can easily email yourself the URLs of these web pages and view that content on your regular computer when you get home.

Erick wiped the glass with a dishcloth.

You said you'd help me.

There are various expressions that indicate something is hearsay.

Why do people tell lies?

Give me the main points now.


I was fine this morning until I noticed what they did to me. I'm feeling so aggrieved.


She peeked inside.

Do you see Deborah anywhere?

I'm glad we met.

Who'd want to kill me?

Thank you very much for your letter of January 7th.


Nobody likes a know-it-all.

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Let me show you where you can put your suitcases.

I can't believe that someone who's supposed to be my friend would say things like that about me.

Do you not want to respond?

Take a sip of this.

Let's watch something else.

Why did you tear the cloth instead of cutting it with scissors?

Five days later, President Taylor died.

We'll come back tomorrow.

Would you like to join us for a game of cards?

Another nurse came into the room.

I'll enjoy this.

The bus is running ten minutes late.

Last night it was Yumi who pushed for sex.


Let's meet him at the station.

I am afraid it will rain tomorrow.

Dorian told me he wasn't going to be at school tomorrow.


What a waste of money!

You don't seem relieved.

Subra has a couple of interesting suggestions.

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Srinivas had trouble thinking straight.

Rod hit rock bottom.

I never understood why Len liked Hillary so much.

This will bring you to grief.

I don't want to respect a man like him.

Wendi pressed a button, but nothing happened, so he pressed another button.

Matthias has a bad temper.

I don't want to give the wrong answer.

I trust the room will be to your satisfaction.

Westminter is alive with speculation today, as the government decides on a new leader to take them forward into the general election.

Let's go by train.

I'll go home at ten.

The pack of cigarettes is empty.

She is habitually late.

This was, of course, a lie.


The eaglet is halfway out of its shell.


Ro has several children.

Can't we just go?

I like to find at least a little something positive in everything.

He's had some very good results lately.

I'll see Shai.

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The dress is pure silk.


This world is but a place of passage.


2016 is the International Year of Pulses.

Amigo wanted to stop and think.

I know where Lois would be if he had any choice.

I got off the train.

I'll never be like him.

Do you agree with their decision?

Why don't you listen to me?

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The translation was nicely true to the original.


They say dogs hear better than us. You think it's true?

He has a lot of foreign stamps.

I'll be here if you want me.

Once I make a decision I never change my mind.

You're reliable like a shack in the middle of a hurricane.

Wealthy older men often marry younger trophy wives.

They said that they had been in Mexico for five years.

This is the first time we've given a concert in Boston.

Tony's blood pressure is normal.


They always extend kindness to their neighbors.

Panacea stepped aside.

I'm going to write Gordon a note.


He thought he would kill himself.

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Sir likes being the center of attention.


Gideon wanted to know what Victor did during her summer vacation.

The robbers did away with their victims.

We've done that.


I left Shanghai last year and have not yet been back.

I'm glad she liked it.

I'm not alarmed.

Horst is constantly complaining.

Each passing car threw up a cloud of dust.

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They are eating a sandwich.

Please don't call me that.

Can you please let me know the most suitable person in INF Co., Ltd?


Nguyen, your fly's open.


I met a tall man named Ken.

Side by side.

Can you tell where this is?

I don't have enough money to pay my debts.

The king hopes and believes that the love that his people show to him will last forever

I'm very, very happy.

I wasn't competitive enough.

This is the first time I've ever grilled meat in my home.

He sent money to help care for her.

Do you want me to do it again?

I planned to become a teacher, but I never did.

Where is the pine forest?

It is difficult to catch a rabbit by hand.

No one is answering.

I'm not going to die.